Celestial Words to Lead You to the Path of Truth

Celestial Words for The Path to Truth

Mystic Art Videos with music, sounds, art images and celestial words that will guide you to the Path of Truth, to live a fulfilling life and to uncover the joy and positivity of life that was always meant to be. The Path of Truth will give you knowledge of the spiritual, ethereal and astral dimension. It will give you answers about the mistery of life and of what acts under the surface and determines events. The Path of Truth will lead you to Self-Awareness and Enlightenment.

Find the Path to True Life

Celestial words with music and sounds that lead you to the Path of Truth. Maybe you’re anxious and you don’t feel like you’re living a fulfilling life. It seems that everything goes wrong and you wish you could change your life. You must know that your wish can come true and it all depends on you! Life can be changed and you can find true happiness and self-realization, and to do this you must start finding the path you lost time ago because of bad choices, and recompose your life just like with the pieces of a mosaic. Multimedia mystic artwork about how to find true happiness.


In these Videos You will Find...

In this section you will find  spiritual teachings in quotes and words with a background of music and images, in order to facilitate your spiritual growth. 

A New Phase of Life

A New Phase of Life, Celestial words with music and sounds that lead you to the Path of Truth. There always comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to make an important decision, and what will be of your life depends on this decision. Our mind follows patterns made of social, family and cultural logics, which blur the truth, and most of the time lead us to make decisions that will have a non-positive impact on our lives. The invitation is therefore to block thoughts and to make the right decision, which is the one dictated by the heart, so to start a new positive phase of life. Multimedia mystic artwork.


Videos with Spiritual Teachings



Celestial Words and Sounds

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