Mystic Video Art

A collection of mystic video art with videos created with abstract art images, digitally manipulated pictures of paintings and digital art, combined with heavenly celestial music and sounds, suitable for mystic meditation, regain balance and relax.  Each video that you find in this playlist contains messages to go deeper into spiritual aspects of life.  We anticipate below some of the video presentations . . .

path to the true reality that is what lies beneath what we see, which is moved by a higher design and makes what we see manifestations of a deeper reality that we many times seek and do not find

Orange Matter Dissolution

Orange Matter Dissolution is a video that represents the beginning, the evolution with the transformation in multiple forms and the manifestation of different faces, and the final dissolution of the material dimension. The still image at the beginning and end of this multimedia artwork refers to our material shape at the beginning and end of our life, where our ego isn’t still formed or it’s disappearing, and where our soul is connected to the spiritual dimension that makes us live in harmony with natural laws, with life and with the cosmic order created by God. But during our life, our ego interferes with our true self, so that it makes us take a variety of different illusive forms in a continuous fluid movement, where we identify ourselves with the person we “should” be according to our culture, our society, our family and social relations.


Blue Vision Mindfulness Meditation

This multimedia video artwork encourages a beneficial mindfulness state that helps us to regain our calm and balance of mind and body, before or after particularly tense situations. It represents the Truth that we hardly are capable to see because of the mental screen created by negative energies and by our mind through racing thoughts and illusions, which distort reality and blind us to what’s all along in front of us, that is boundless love, always there willing to help us find our path to happiness in this life and in the after-life. In Blue Vision Mindfulness Meditation Video Art the development and progression of images with visual effects, referred to the aforementioned distortion of reality, leads us finally to the vision of reality and of God.


Moment of Bliss

Moment of Bliss is an audiovisual artwork created by artist Barbara Stamegna, representing the connection between the material and the spiritual dimension through the beauty and positivity of nature, that reveals the pureness and the true face of creation, after the mask of illusions, created by our mind, and of lies, created by negative energies, falls away. Moment of Bliss is a particular moment of spiritual closeness with our Lord on earth, that foretells the culmination of a human earthly journey, through a path of positivity and truth, into the blissfulness of the Kingdom of God.


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