Music for Meditation and Relax

Music for Meditation and Relax

In this section you will find mystic heavenly music and healing celestial sounds that encourage a beneficial mindfulness state, to awaken and bring out emotions and sensations of primordial truth and to foster contact with the spiritual dimension of our Lord, and thus dispel the veil created by negative energies that prevents you from seeing reality as a creation of joy and love,. The Path of Truth celestial sounds and music for meditation and relax induces peaceful positive feelings that will also help you to regain a balance of mind and body, before or after particularly tense or unbalancing situations. Here below you can find a description of some videos you can find in this section.

Positive Intuition Mystic Healing Sounds

Positive Intuition is a multimedia mystic healing artwork about how, in a mindfulness state of balance and perfect connection of our soul to the heavenly spiritual dimension of God, we can capture positive intuitions of beauty and Truth, which is at the basis of the understanding of who we really are, and of all spiritual knowledge. Positive Intuition is an original combination of a mystic healing sounds music track and a digitally elaborated image of an oil pastel artwork, both created and combined by artist Barbara Stamegna. It is beneficial for re-establishing a state of wellbeing and relaxation in a particularly stressful situation and time.


Moment of Bliss Mystic Music Sounds

Moment of Bliss Mystic Music Sounds is a multimedia mystic artwork representing the connection between the material and the spiritual dimension, achieved by focusing our attention on the positive side of everything and everyone, and therefore after the mask of illusions, created by our mind, and of lies, created by negative energies, falls away. Moment of Bliss is a particular moment of spiritual closeness with our Lord on earth, that foretells the culmination of a human earthly journey, through a path of positivity and truth, into the blissfulness of the Kingdom of God. “Moment of Bliss Mystic Music Sounds” is an an original combination of a mystic sounds music track composed by artist Barbara Stamegna and an art photograph created by artist Bruno Paolo Benedetti, both combined and elaborated by artist Barbara Stamegna.


Happening of Joy Emotion Music Sounds

Happening of Joy Emotion Music Sounds is a multimedia mystic music artwork that symbolizes the joyful exultation at the end of a successful creative act. It recalls the joy in heaven for the accomplishment of the creation of matter and all that comes from it. It also represents the bursting of joy in the Kingdom of Heaven whenever a human being returns to his steps and finds the path of truth and joy. “Happening of Joy Emotion Music Sounds” is an audiovisual music sounds artwork created by artist Barbara Stamegna, obtained through the combination of a musical mystic sounds music track for meditation that instills positive emotions of joy and happiness, and “Green fluid abstract elements”, a visual art image created by BBS Art.


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