Blue Vision Mindfulness Meditation Video Art

Blue Vision Mindfulness Meditation is an audiovisual artwork created by artist Barbara Stamegna, obtained through the combination of a video made out of her “Blue Vision” painting and the creation of a mystic music track for meditation. This multimedia artwork encourages a beneficial mindfulness state that helps us to regain our calm and balance of mind and body, before or after particularly tense situations. It represents the Truth that we hardly are capable to see because of the mental screen created by negative energies and by our mind through racing thoughts and illusions, which distort reality and blind us to what’s all along in front of us, that is boundless love, always there willing to help us find our path to happiness in this life and in the after-life. In Blue Vision Mindfulness Meditation Video Art the development and progression of images with visual effects, referred to as the aforementioned distortion of reality, leads us finally to the vision of reality and of God.