creation is expression of love like a light that is in a flower and radiates all around pervading the petals with warmth

How should we consider Christmas from a spiritual point of view?

These days we are all busy decorating our homes, buying gifts, preparing delicious food and anything else that can make our Christmas an unforgettable and magical moment. We take great care of the material aspect related to Christmas, but how should we consider this time of the year from a spiritual point of view? What is the meaning of Christmas? Let’s see the answer…

What is the meaning of Christmas?

“The meaning to be sought is related to the birth of a new world and a new era, given by the figure of Jesus Christ who brings a revolutionary message and a new beginning, destined to change things and to question the meaning of death and the way of relating to saints and religious things, because the previous relationship was made in a different direction and less related to the mystical aspect. Later the relationship also becomes mystical and therefore all people could be graced with charisma.”