dissolution and rebirth of abstract shape and confluent lines towards the center and then radiate outward in a kind of continuous movement of dissolution and rebirth

If miracles are real, what is their purpose?

Miracles have always been a much discussed topic, and it is natural to wonder if miracles really exist.  The story tells of miraculous events from remote times. Miraculous events bring us face to face with extraordinary things that we cannot explain, because they put us in direct and immediate contact with the spiritual reality, which is different from the one that we know well, the material one. But do miracles really exist? …and if so, what is their purpose? What are they aimed at?

Do miracles exist?

“Yes, certainly.  Miracles, intended as an out-of-the-ordinary event, exist and their aim is to lead people to a greater faith or, even better, to help people to find faith.”