multimedia mystic artwork created by artist Barbara Stamegna, obtained through the combination of a video made out of her “Electrical Discharges” painting and the creation of a mystic music track for meditation

Is there anything like purgatory?

The existence of purgatory, of a place where souls purify themselves, is sometimes questioned even by devout people. It is often thought that it is only a legend, a myth or part of a cultural heritage. But does purgatory really exist? Is there anything like purgatory? Here’s the answer:

Does purgatory exist? Is there anything like purgatory?

“Yes, it is a non-place where the soul, waiting for passage into the Kingdom of Heaven, is purified of earthly bonds, and its ascension is only postponed pending the decision of God. But in this situation the soul also has a part of God’s love. Much do the prayers of men for these souls.”