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Is it true that God gets angry?

How many times have you thought that epidemics, natural disasters and other calamitous events are due to the Divine wrath? You have probably often heard of Divine wrath, especially if reading episodes contained in the Old Testament, or perhaps even in church, on the occasion of religious services. But does Divine wrath really exist? Is it true that God gets angry? Let’s see the answer…

Does the Divine wrath exist? Is it true that God gets angry, as described in many episodes of the Old Testament?

“God never gets angry.  Thousands of years ago men thought differently, and therefore the messages were given so that they could be understood. Thus, the concept of wrath and punishment was understood.  As time went by, the understanding of the concept of love and that there is no punishment other than the one self-inflicted, is easier to understand, even if not always and not completely.”