How do we figure out what is the right path for us?

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How to understand what our path is?

Maybe we have the feeling that we are going along the wrong path, that our life has taken a direction that does not belong to us, and we would like to change our path. But how to understand what our path is? We are given signals to understand it, but often we are not in the right state of mind and we don’t have enough spiritual openness to understand and recognize them as such. But let’s see the answer to this question…

How do we figure out what is the right path for us?

“You are given signals, and to understand what they are you have a kind of intuition that makes you look special, strange, unusual.  The signals come in an unusual way, perhaps from an unknown person, an article you read, an advertising that you see on your computer, an e-mail that you receive, an animal that approaches you and behaves in a way for you strange. These are the signals, or at least, an indication of how to deal with the reality that surrounds you, because that is where the indications of how to behave come from.”