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Why is everyone right from their point of view?

The news we hear, whether they come from private sources such as a friend or a relative, or public sources such as news on tv or on a social, are mostly a narration of events that has undergone changes, due to the interpretation of the events by those who report it.  Therefore the information concerning an event, when it reaches us, is often the result of a whole series of interpretations and points of view, and it doesn’t coincide with the true reality of the facts. But how do we know where the truth is? Let’s see the answer…

How can we know where the truth is? Why is everyone right from their point of view? What is the truth?

“The answer is that man always has his own truth and interpretation, which always depends on human factors. The only truth is that based on concrete data that can be found in reality, and not on interpretations. Therefore, wherever it comes from, if it is supported by concrete data it is reality, otherwise it is not, because it is interpretation, as said by God in the Holy Scriptures.”