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Is it possible to control the mind?

In last week’s article, we saw how the mind can deflect us from reality and truth. But how to prevent this from happening? The mind is a tool at our disposal, which if controlled can bring us many spiritual benefits and gifts. But is it possible to control your mind? And if so, how do you control it?

How to control your mind?

“It is a rule to focus on the physical aspect and thus on breathing and the circulation of energy within.  The exercise is always to make sure to analyze what passes in front of you as a spectator, so that it does not affect your emotional part.  The concentration on positive images, like those of nature, is another criterion, dwelling on the images and in all possible details, such as focusing on the sea, then on the ripples of the sea, then on the wave, then on the splashes of water, then on the color and so on.”