Is it appropriate to partecipate to rites of religions different from ours?

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Can attending rites of other religions bring us closer to God?

Today’s topic concerns belonging to a religion, and relating to rites, religions and faiths different from ours. Perhaps it happened, maybe on the occasion of a trip to a foreign country of different religion from ours, to feel the desire to be close to God and participate in a local religious rite. But being of a different religion, is this really appropriate? And besides, is this useful to bring us closer to God? Let’s see the answer…

Can a practitioner of a religion attend rites of other religions and come the same into contact with God?

“Yes. All rites are equivalent. There is no distinction for the person who wants to come into contact with the God through this means. What counts is the individual will, and the fact of participating in a rite unites him with others in prayer. So it is an individual choice and there are no contraindications on this aspect.”