Abstract painting evoking a tepid fall with yellow, green, white, red, orange, brownish leaf and flowers like shapes and branches and lines on pink, white, gray, red, enamel rough texture background, with nuances and shades.

Should we take a stand in a war situation?

In a situation of war we happen, for one reason or another, to feel solidarity and empathize with one side rather than the other. This can also lead us to take concrete action to push the party, with which we stand together, to victory.  But is it right to take a stand in a war situation? Let’s see the answer…

Is it right to take a stand for a warring party during a war conflict?

“It is a very controversial situation for people, but the answer is unique: No, because the only possible stand to take is to stop the loss of human life whatever the price, but there is no price equal to life. So those who take sides feed the violence, which must be stopped. The political consequences don’t matter, because God doesn’t care about them, and neither do people.  All that matters is life.”