the spiritual gift abstract mixed technique multicolored painting with flowery shapes and bent lines

Can prayers help you to live your daily life, and are they answered?

In our daily life, we get so busy managing the demanding and fast-paced rhythm that modern society imposes, that we often consider obsolete the time dedicated to prayer.  Prayer and contact with God may seem something totally detached from the reality of your life, and that has nothing to do with it.  But is it really so? Can prayer help you to live your daily life? Is it helpful to pray? Are prayers answered? Let’s see the answer…

Does praying help?

“Yes, because it is a moment of contact with God and to ask for the things that we desire, and that can be fulfilled if these bring good to those who pray and to others, but they will not be granted if they have selfishness as their goal to the detriment of others.”