Soft dissolving white flower mixed media digital painting, made by Barbara Stamegna

Why is it difficult to follow the path of God?

In our earthly life we lead a lifestyle and share values imposed by modern society, which for the most part are very distant, if not opposed, to spiritual values of justice and truth, solidarity, love for one’s neighbor, and all that goes in the direction of God and of the Truth. Moreover, following the earthly way is the easiest way, as it panders to one’s desires and ego. What, then, does following God’s path entail? Why is it difficult to follow it? How do you follow it? Let’s see the answer…

How does one follow God’s path?

“The path of God, while rich in gifts, implies a complete questioning of one’s ego and one’s way of seeing. God dispenses gifts, but not freely. There has to be spiritual growth and suitable behavior. To get God’s gifts one must have humility and accept what is given, which sometimes is not right away and sometimes what is desired does not come. But in His mercy and love He will still give what a person needs and what is needed to make one happy.  Certainly it is up to people to question themselves and question earthly values that are unsuitable from a spiritual point of view, because that is the main problem.”