How is Divorce Seen from a Spiritual Point of View?

discovering the truth in detail as with a lens represents the wisdom that comes to us given by the Lord

When problematic aspects arise in a couple, divorce is nowadays frequently considered the easiest solution for both parties to put an end to those problems.  In fact, divorce is a very frequent thing in today’s society, and the reasons leading to the decision to annul a marriage can be numerous, from the most trivial to the most serious. But from a spiritual point of view, how is divorce seen? Is divorce acceptable in God’s eyes? Let’s see the answer…

Is divorce acceptable in the eyes of God?

“Divorce is unacceptable because a union has positive aspects and also difficulties, but still good and bad luck are the basis of the union. Therefore every difficulty must be resolved because the union is sanctified and as such it is a promise that considers all the aspects that exist and that must be resolved. However, there can be elements not known by one of the parties, such as violent aspects, that can lead to an annulment of the marriage, yes, and therefore to divorce. But these are evident and unequivocal aspects that in any case made the marriage not valid from the beginning.”