Lights on violet flower mixed media digital painting, made by Barbara Stamegna

How should you behave towards those who made you suffer?

The desire for revenge against those who have made you suffer, and the very action of revenge, are feelings and actions that seem to give relief to the pain that has been inflicted on us. Moreover, the subject of revenge is a very popular topic in novels and films, showing how the action of revenge is quite normal and accepted in our cultural contexts. So, should you take revenge on your enemies? Let’s see the answer…

Should you take revenge against those who made you suffer? How should you behave towards your enemies?

“With forgiveness evil is extinguished, and the consequences of evil are also extinguished, so all desires for revenge and hatred vanish. This is an important thing! It’s hard, but it’s important! Evil must not be fed, and revenge is a food for evil, because hate is a negative feeling, while forgiveness and reconciliation are positive feelings that extinguish evil, and are a message of love.”